By Richard van Leeuwen

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This quantity discusses The Thousand and One Nights' topics of house and trip showing how they're used not just as a environment within which the tale unfolds, but additionally because the dynamic strength which propels the heroes and the tale to the ultimate dénouement. those occasions usually signify a strategy of transformation, during which the hero has to go looking for his destined function or attempt to realize the article of his wish. during this approach, subject matters of commute are the narrative spine of reports of varied genres together with love, faith, magic and experience. This booklet not just provides a clean method of many tales of the gathering, but additionally proposes new insights within the nature of The Thousand and one Nights as a self-reflexive narrative and is key analyzing for students of Arabic literature.

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While waiting to continue his journey, Ja-nsha-h enters a forbidden door and comes to a terrace, where he sees three birds changing into three beautiful girls. Ja-nsha-h falls desperately in love, but he has to wait for another year to be able to catch one of the girls. After Ja-nsha-h has captured his bride, a jinn-princess, the young couple returns home. One day, however, the jinniyya recovers her robe of feathers and flies away, calling out to Ja-nsha-h to follow her to the Castle of Taknı-.

A-sib Karı-m al-Dı-n, finally, in spite of all odds, gains insight into all the secrets of life, the design of the world, the sciences, magic and alchemy and visions of Divine places. He is not only instructed by the stories of the serpent queen, which convey to him all the knowledge previously gained by Bulu-qiya- and Ja-nsha-h, he is also allowed to acquire a knowledge of which they are deprived, enabling him to become vizier. a-sib Karı-m al-Dı-n. Bulu-qiya-, although he is initiated into a treasury of knowledge, is not allowed to meet the Prophet.

Suddenly he finds himself surrounded by a great number of ferocious-looking snakes. A large snake carries a plate with a smaller snake on its back: this is Yamlı-kha, the queen of the serpents, who rules over the snakes of hell, which are spat out onto the earth twice every year, by the breathing of hell. a-sib’s mind at rest and tells him the story of Bulu- qiya- , forcing him to listen in spite of his repeated requests to be transported back to the human world. Bulu-qiya- is the son of the king of an Israelite tribe living in Cairo.

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