By Vishwa Adluri

ISBN-10: 0199931348

ISBN-13: 9780199931347

The Nay technological know-how offers a brand new point of view at the challenge of medical procedure within the human sciences. Taking German Indological scholarship at the Mahabharata and the Bhagavadgita as their instance, Adluri and Bagchee improve a critique of the fashionable valorization of technique over fact within the humanities.

The authors express how, from its origins in eighteenth-century Neo-Protestantism onwards, the severe procedure used to be used as a fashion of creating theological claims opposed to rival philosophical and/or spiritual traditions. through discussions of German Romanticism, the pantheism controversy, clinical positivism, and empiricism, they convey how theological matters ruled German scholarship at the Indian texts. Indology services as a try out case for wider issues: the increase of historicism, the displacement of philosophical issues from pondering, and the assumption within the skill of a technical technique to produce truth.

Based at the ancient facts of the 1st a part of the publication, Adluri and Bagchee make a case within the moment half for going past either the serious pretensions of recent educational scholarship and the objections of its post-structuralist or post-Orientalist critics. via contrasting German Indology with Plato's situation for advantage and Gandhi's specialize in praxis, the authors argue for a perception of the arts as a discussion among the ancients and moderns and among jap and western cultures.

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75. In the case of the Mahābhārata, this requirement would be satisfied by positing an Āryan-Hindu or a Kṣatriya-Brāhmaṇa distinction.  Fitzgerald and Kevin McGrath) do not even realize that their so-called critical researches into the text are determined a priori by the requirements of the method. 76 The method was critical only in the weak (Kantian) sense identified earlier that it entailed an affect against scriptural authority. The fact that it, in practice, was frequently used to separate out the Judaic element in scripture makes it ethically questionable, even though the method was thereby simply carrying forward the legacy of Luther’s Reformation.

Ibid. 57. Ibid. (for the source of the quotation, see the next note). 58. J. S. Semler, Abhandlung von freier Untersuchung des Canon nebst Antwort auf die tübingische Vertheidigung der Apocalypsis, vol. 1 (Halle: Carl Hermann Hemmerde, 1771), 9 (emphasis in original; quotation marks are the authors’ addition). 59. This is a facet of the Protestant-German self-understanding we shall encounter again and again in German Orientalism. The Indologists’ claim to being more objective than the commentarial tradition is ultimately based on this consciousness of being ahead on the evolutionary scale, of having undergone a Reformation and Enlightenment that non-Western cultures are yet to undergo.

Indology today, we argue, especially in some of its more reactionary strains, still reflects this dogmatic inheritance. Thus, a clarification of Indology’s method from a historical standpoint is an essential step on the way to a discussion of how the humanities can rethink their task after Indology. Chapter 5 then subjects the statements of Indologists to critical analysis. Applying perspectives from Schürmann to Gadamer, we show how Indology became a progressively outmoded and isolated discipline.

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