By Michael J. Bennett

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Includes index.

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Mus. -is-ku-su a-na? UNUGKI lu it-tal-ku "truly they went" (Ist. Mus. ). " fil-li-ik-su-nu la ib-si-bu (CT XXXII 2 v, CM). x LK? allikum? (a plant or a tree). Akk. 1w. : x QA al-11-ku-um (Chiera, STA 11 ii). ). Read simply al-ni-ku-um? allanum (a plant or a tree). Akk. 1w. : 1LL? al-la-num (UET III 513, U; 558). UB al-la-nrm (UET III 812, U; 1498 rev. i, copied al-la-tum) a-la-num (YOS I 11 v, in a list including trees or woods). " (Stamm, ANG pp. ). KUR. In some cases Illat is a DN. , and Ur III PN's: Be-l1-il-la-at (D) DINGIR-Il-la-at (Fish, CST 17+) E-la-dl-at (ITT I 1460) t-l-Il-la-at (E) i-11-fl-la-at (ITT 11/2 p.

DTU-mu-di in Ranke, EBPN p. 146 OB. ZU (ZA XII 332). PI Fu-wa-ti-x-suml (BE I 12, unknown king). Cf. (countries) a-na ri-it-ti-su lu-wa-di-a-am in UET I 146 iv, OB. SD2 ? wada'um? (a bronze object). xx Akk. 1w. NA LAL 3 GfN (BIN V 1:16). 3 D3 . TU (PDTI 28). DD. x DN Adad. F. I/II 285 rev. twice). I-ti-na-da-ad (Nikolski, Dok. ). edu 19 Written logographically as IM in Sarg. ) d Su- IM (G+) Passim in Ur III (Schneider, AnOr XIX No. 14). The foil. : En-ni-ma-Ad (UET III passim). Or EnnI-ma-abI or Ennl-ma'ad Nu-ur-Ad (Reisner, TUT 157 ii).

Varia: a-ti da-ni-is "in great force" (HSS X 5:11) a-ti si-dar KI-su (AOF III 112 end, Mari). Meaning unknown. ). Sarg. ZU-i-ti (UET III 871, U) I-da-ri-ik (RTC 243) = Id-arik I-da-ri-ik (ITT IV p. 10, 7102, U) I-da-sa (D; MDP XVIII 72, U) I-du-a (TCL II 5499 rev. , U) t-du-na (Contenau, UDU 68, U) rIl-tu-sa (D) I-za-ri-ik (U 1598+) = Issa-arik I-za-ri-ik (U 1599) I-zu-a-ri-ik (U 1601+) I-zu-ri-ik (U 1604) I-zu-GfD (G+) I-zu-a-GD (Ist. Mus. , U; CT XXXII 50:13, U). Interpr. doubtful Li-bur-i-du-ni (TCL II 5484, U) LUGAL-i-ti (Langdon, TAD 51:15, U; UET III p.

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Community, Class and Careerism: Cheshire and Lancashire Society in the Age of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Michael J. Bennett

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