By Prof. Laura H. Goldstein, Dr. Jane E. McNeil

ISBN-10: 0470854014

ISBN-13: 9780470854013

This transparent and available textual content offers trainee and certified scientific psychologists with an updated precis of neuropsychological review and rehabilitation issues.
Although frequently seen as a speciality inside of scientific Psychology, wisdom of neuropsychology and its purposes is correct to all parts of scientific paintings the place sufferers are displaying a few swap of their cognitive functioning. This edited quantity makes a speciality of what the clinician must be aware of on the way to verify the cognitive functioning in their shopper and to think about rehabilitation and therapy options.
Readers also will locate functional details touching on: newly built neuroimaging options the results of prescription and non-prescription medicinal drugs on cognitive functioning the interface among neuropsychological review and psychiatric issues post-qualification education in medical neuropsychology ideas governing medico-legal paintings in civil situations within the UK
Laura H. Goldstein and Jane McNeil have a long time of expertise educating neuropsychology to trainee and certified scientific psychologists on the Institute of Psychiatry in London.

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The oligodendrocytes form and maintain the myelin sheaths surrounding axons. 3). Oligodendrocytes are also involved in active remyelination that occurs in response to conditions when there is demyelination such as in multiple sclerosis. Microglial cells are found both in grey and white matter. They are small in comparison with astrocytes, have elongated nuclei and wavy processes with spine-like projections. Within the cerebral cortex about 10% of glial cells are microglial. Although they are generally inactive in the normal adult brain, they have a role in responding to tissue damage particularly due to inflammation or neurodegeneration.

Most neurons communicate with each other by the release of specific signalling molecules, called neurotransmitters, at synapses. , 1991). More than 50 neuroactive peptides have been found to be pharmacologically active. In the brain, glutamate is the major excitatory neurotransmitter and GABA the major inhibitory transmitter (Parent, 1996). The molecular dissection of receptor proteins reveals many subtypes, thus offering the possibility of more specific therapeutic compounds to treat those disorders where there are demonstrable neurotransmitter deficits such 26 CLINICAL NEUROPSYCHOLOGY as the depletion of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, among others, in Alzheimer’s disease.

Although many pathways and circuits have been identified, especially those of the senses such as vision and olfaction, and motor pathways, the connections linking those parts of the brain involved with higher cognitive functions are relatively poorly characterized, but are the subject of continuing investigation. Our understanding of the structure and function of the brain has been facilitated by the application of an ever-widening range of tools including histology, immunohistochemistry, tract tracing methods, methods for structural and functional neuroimaging as well as clinical–pathological studies.

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Clinical Neuropsychology A Practical Guide to Assessment and Management for Clinicians by Prof. Laura H. Goldstein, Dr. Jane E. McNeil

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