By Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

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Xvi 10 α'θ' —> νεύειν Ier. xxix 9 (xlix 8) α'σ' ; med. rw Ps. cxviii (cxix) 118. ψ Ez. xvi 53 lat. (captivitas) ; Ier. ii 19 <οι λ'> syr. iii 8 α'σ' syr. xiv 7 α'σ' syr. ; rVDt? Ier. xxxvii (xxx) 3 syr. xxxix (xxxii) 44 syr. άποσχίζειν Bp3 hiph. Is. vii 6. άποτέμνεσθαι pass. niph. Ps. lxxxvii (lxxxviii) 6 Is. liii 8. j άποτιθέναι 02S Ps. xxxii (xxxiii) 7 α'σ' ; TpB hiph. Ier. tf pi. Regn. II xii 6 Ps. xxi (xxii) 26. ΐ? Ps. xc (xci) 8. f άπότμημα Ί $ Ps. cxxxv (cxxxvi) 13. άποτροπιάζεσθαι 12V hiph.

43 GREEK-HEBREW INDEX βοηθεΐν ITS? Ios. χ 33 ο'α'σ' Regn. Ill xx 16 Ps. ix 35 (x 14) α'θ' xxix (xxx) 11 xiv (xlvi) 6 α'σ'ε' Is. xli 6 13 1 9 α'σ'θ' ; inf. Ps. 0 xl(xli) 4 α'θ'. βοηθεΐσθαι pass. niph. Ps. xxvii (xxviii) 7 α'σ'ε'. βοηθός "ITS; EZ. xxxii 21 ; Ί ϊ » Ps. xxxii (xxxiii) 20 α'σ' (leg. ttljfc pro βόθρος nnt? Ez. xix 4 8 ; ΠΠΜ Ier. xviii 20 (s. βόθυνος) 22 (s. βόθυνος) Qere-> διαφθορά [α']σ' (86). βόθυνος Is. xxx 1 4 ; fins Ier. xxxi (xlviii) 28 ; S | Ier. xiv 3 (s. βουνός) Ez. xvi 24 (leg.

I 2 α'σ' Ier. ii 15 α'σ' syr. xxxii 16 (xxv 30) α'σ' syr. βρύχειν ρΗΠ Ps. xxxiv (xxxv) 16 α'ε' ; MjKP A m iii 4 α'σ' 8 α'σ'. β ρ ύ χ η μ α njKttf Ps. xxi (xxii) 2 xxxi (xxxii) 3 l o b iii 24 Is. ν 29. DN l o b xxxix 29 Os. DK? Pr. vi 8 (plur. ). DK hiph. Deut. viii 3. βρώσιμος VDKE gen. Ez. xlvii 12 π ' . βρώσις HVDK Gen. i 30 Ez. DK inf. constr. Gen. ii 17. βρωσις VDK Exod. xvi 16 α'θ' syr. 21 α'σ' syr. * βρωστήρ tiV Os. ν 12. * βρωστήρ Π|ΊΚ Nah. iii 17 lat. {comessor). f βρωτήρ tf» Is. 1 9. I βρωτήρ «to Is.

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An Index to Aquila: Greek-Hebrew, Hebrew-Greek, Latin-Hebrew, with the Syriac and Armenian Evidence by Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

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