By Ineke Wellens

The Nubi language is spoken in Uganda and Kenya. Nubi is Arabic, given that approximately ninety% of its vocabulary is of an Arabic nature. it is usually termed a creole, given that lots of its structural and developmental positive aspects resemble these of identified creoles.

the expansion and improvement of the Nubi language has to be positioned close to Lake Albert in the direction of the top of the 19th century. this era is easily documented and is defined at size within the first half. This quantity additionally offers a close description of the Nubi language of Uganda, and it offers with the advance of the language and searches for the suitable Arabic resource dialects.

The ebook contains a couple of thousand examples and several other texts, recorded via the writer in the course of broad classes of box examine.

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Nigitu and 'negetu are used for all three meanings, while 'legetu has disappeared from the southern vocabulary. Similarly, in southern Uganda, 'nenzil and 'nyenzil 'descend' are used, while in the north both forms co-exist with 'lenzil and 'lengil 43. l - r: In the southern variety of Nubi spoken in the Buganda area, the distribution of l and r is partially neutralized. g. 'fadur instead of the form 'fadul 'remain', or the Luganda word for 'village' ekyalo [«tßa…lo], which may be articulated in Nubi as 'charo.

50 f(u) 'wen? > f 'wen ? 50 'where? The resulting 'f-wen? ' has come to be considered one word. ' 'to. PRON POSS 3SING The above examples are tendencies rather than rules. ' 'headquarter. ) aja'ma 'tena people PRON POSS 1PL 'those people of us' 'na'de >< DEM DIS 'wakti 'ten(a) time PRON POSS 1PL 'that time of us' 'na'de DEM DIS The second form ('ten(a) 'na'de) is the more common one. Notice also that the vowel i of 'wakti is not elided even if it stands between two t's. ' 'in, here 51 fi in 'sika 'in.

Vowel elision is thus applied to an unstressed vowel. The intermediate stage is, however, often absent in present-day Nubi. ) me'dida > 'medda (via 'medida*) 'porridge' ka'bila > 'kabla (via 'kabila) 'tribe', 'type' 'itokum > 'tokum (via i'tokum) 'you (PL)' gu-'rua > 'gurwa (via 'gu- rua*) 'be going' * Nubi words tend to end in a vowel. In allegro forms, however, this vowel is often deleted (apocope). There are three exceptions. ). ). Round brackets indicate deleted vowels in the examples. ) (…) '(…) a'nas 'kul(u) 'ralu min 'tabu.

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