By Fawaz A. Gerges

ISBN-10: 0521630428

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This publication offers a finished account of the origins of yank coverage on political Islam, chronicling the coverage debates on Islamism within the usa over the process time. the writer then delves deeper into the U.S. political scene to research the old, political, cultural, and safety concerns that may aid clarify America's preoccupation with Islam and Muslims. The booklet additionally addresses the conflict of civilizations debate and assesses the relative value of tradition and values within the phrases and deeds folks officers on political Islam.

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Policy in the Arab world was framed in opposition to secular Arab nationalism led by President Gamal Abdel-Nasser of Egypt. S. eyes, revolutionary nationalism, not political Islam, represented a security threat to the pro-Western, conservative monarchies. 10 Ironically, in the 1950s and 1960s, the United States hoped to construct an alliance of Islamic states with sufficient prestige to counterbalance "godless communism" and the secular nationalist forces as represented by Nasser. 11 As importantly, in the 1950s and 1960s, 9.

206, 210, 212; Hadar, "Political Islam Is Not a Threat to the West," p. " (discussion held by the Middle East Policy Council), Middle East Policy 3, no. 3 (1994), p. 8. THE INTELLECTUAL CONTEXT OF AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY Accommodationists also reject their counterparts' assertion regarding the inherently anti-Western attitudes of the Islamists: Few Muslims in their daily lives and in interaction with Westerners nourish any kind of concept of implacable hostility or the need for confrontation. S.

S. government and the foreignpolicy elite. S. intellectual community or policy establishment. The subtle distinctions and tensions that mark America's intellectual and political landscape is hardly appreciated abroad. In fact, accommodationists have competed effectively with the confrontationalists for the ear and attention of policy makers in Washington. S. diplomats use the symbols and terminology of accommodationists to delineate their stance on political Islam. Bush and Clinton administration officials soundly rejected the whole notion of cultural wars, as advocated by confrontationalists, and stressed their commitment to the common 61.

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