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Revised: September 03, 2013. Accepted: September 12, 2013. In: Alternative Medicine Research Yearbook 2014 Editor: Joav Merrick ISBN: 978-1-63482-161-2 © 2015 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Chapter 3 PHARMACOTHERAPY, PSYCHOTHERAPY OR MIND-BODY MEDICINE FOR MENTAL DISEASES? A COMPARATIVE REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE ON THE BENEFITS AND RISKS OF PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGICAL, PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC AND CAM TREATMENTS OF PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS Søren Ventegodt, MD, MMedSci, EU-MSc-CAM  Quality of Life Research Center, Copenhagen Research Clinic for Holistic Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark ABSTRACT Two groups of measures of effect makes it possible to compare different treatments: 1) Number Needed to Treat (NNT) and number needed to Treat two Harm (NNH) and 2) Effect size (ES), for example, Cohen's d, Glass's Δ, Hedge's g).

Secondly, to forward suggestions that will guide further research on how research in such a complex relationship might best be undertaken. This paper is a review of 106 relevant articles (out of the total 398 articles as per the set criteria) published in pre-eminent international refereed journals between 1994 and March 2013. The review covers the linkages between HR practices and employee performance guided by key theoretical framework/model informing the article; findings on HR practices and employee performance conceived and operationalized.

Wright PM, Nishii LH. Strategic HRM and organizational behavior: Integrating multilevels of analysis. CAHRS Working Paper Series 2007; 25. Boxall P, Macky K. Research and theory on high-performance work system: Progressing the highinvolvement system. Hum Resource Manage J 2009;19: 3-23. Flood AB. The impact of organizational and managerial factors on the quality of care in health care organizations. Med Care Res Review 1994; 51(4):381-428. Gittell JH, Seidner R, Julian W. A relational model of how high-performance work system work.

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