By Swami Sivananda

ISBN-10: 8170520479

ISBN-13: 9788170520474

Hinduism is usually the fountain-head of all religions.It includes inside itself the seeds of all religions.It is yet normal that folks around the world may still convey expanding curiosity in a faith so universal.The acclaim for this booklet might be gauged from the truth that it bumped into Ten re-prints after it used to be revealed first time within the 12 months 1947.

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The writer indicates that the Gita doesn't suggest blind devotion to a guru or god yet relatively own improvement, victory over your fears, and liberation of the psyche. He demonstrates how Krishna’s recommendation presents instruments to lead us out of our fear-based reviews to reconnect with the suppressed elements of our internal being. He explains how Arjuna’s doubts and confusions characterize the plight of each person--we are born loose yet progressively turn into slowed down by way of the calls for of our society, regularly depending on open air authority for solutions and disconnected from our actual internal nature. He finds how Krishna’s suggestion deals advice for facing life’s conflicts, which societal barriers to reject, and the way to determine during the polarizing thought of fine as opposed to evil to shape a balanced frame of mind better to either.

Restoring the fearless imaginative and prescient of the traditional rishis, who, like today’s scientists, prized skepticism as a huge procedure for getting access to fact, Teitsworth finds the Gita as a consultant to an genuine guru-disciple dating in addition to to developing a lifetime of value, freedom, and actual sovereign maturity.

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They came to the conclusion that all men were not equally fit for all kinds of work. Hence, they found it necessary to allocate different kinds of duties to different classes of people, according to their aptitude, capacity or quality. The Brahmanas were in charge of spiritual and intellectual affairs. The work of political administration and defence was given to the Kshatriyas. The Vaisyas were entrusted with the duty of supplying food for the nation and administering its economic welfare. The Sudras did menial work.

In extraordinary cases, however, some of the stages may be omitted. Suka was a born Sannyasin. Sankara took Sannyasa without entering the stage of a householder. In rare and exceptional cases, a student is allowed to become a Sannyasin, his debts to the world having been fully paid in a previous birth. Nowadays, young Sannyasins without qualification are found in abundance. This is contrary to the ancient rules and causes much trouble. The Brahmacharin or the Celibate Student The first stage, Brahmacharya, is the period of study and discipline.

He must possess excellent conduct. He must not injure any living being in thought, word and deed. He must practise rigidly right thought, right speech and right action. Every religion has its ethics. The Sermon on the Mount of Jesus and the Ten Commandments contain ethical teachings for the uplift of man. The Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha is the essence of ethics. The Yamas and Niyamas of Patanjali Maharshi constitute the highest ethics. Manu Smriti, Yajnavalkya Smriti and Parasara Smriti contain the code of conduct for man.

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