By David Roskies

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This article files a nearly unknown bankruptcy within the background of the refusal of Jews through the a while to give up. the writer employs wide-ranging scholarship to the Holocaust and the thoughts linked to it, in confirmation of either continuities and violent endings.

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It was an ancient Near Eastern motif, of a god who abandoned the city and allowed its destruction,39 which Ezekiel had alluded to in his vision of restoration (Ezek. 10:18; see also Ps. 78:5961). ) was constrained by the particular prophetic reading for that day to begin with a passage from Isaiah instead. MY LORD GOD OF HOSTS SUMMONED ON THAT DAY TO WEEPING AND LAMENTING, TO TONSURING AND GIRDING WITH SACKCLOTH (Isa. 22:12) would be taken to mean that God summoned Himself to grieve for the destruction that He had allowed through His absence.

Ten of them were needed to give the story symmetry and to provide a startling analogy to Joseph and his brothers. This happened in a further transformation when unknown authors, perhaps "Merkavah" mystics at the end of the Byzantine period,53 combined their separate stories into a mythic drama with biblical antecedents. In Midrash Eileh Ezkerah,54 Rabbi Ishmael the High Priest, Rabban Simeon ben Gamliel the Prince, Rabbis Akiva, Hanina, Judah ben Bava, Judah ben Dama, Huztapit the Translator, Hanina ben Hakhinai, Yeshivav the Scribe, and Eliezer ben Shamua were called before the emperor to justify the behavior of Joseph's brothers; when the scholars unwittingly (and rather uncharacteristically) fell into the emperor's trap, he ordered them punished for this unexpiated crime.

Just as the seventeenth of Tammuz was forever the day of broken tablets, so the ninth of Av was the day of eternal exile, when the proudest cities of Israel were laid waste once, and yet again. Members of future generations learned from this systematic congregation of calamities to append their own tribulations to the mythic time scheme; among them was a modern rabbi, who added to the list of disasters that fell on the ninth of Av the expulsion order from England in 1290, the expulsion from Spain in 1492, and the outbreak of World War I.

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