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At this time, African Americans could only get small roles that were often stereotypical. African-American women played maids or mammies. A mammy was an African-American nurse or servant to white children. African-American August Wilson, Playwright August Wilson was born in 1945. He was a very talented playwright. Wilson quit school at age 15 when a teacher accused him of copying someone else’s work. The teacher could not believe an men played servants or butlers. In 1939 AfricanAmerican actress Hattie McDaniel played a role as a mammy.

In 1967 African-American Rock was born in 1965. He attended a nearly all-white school in Brooklyn, New York. White kids beat Rock up. They called him terrible names. Sidney Poitier acted in the He dropped out of school film Guess Who’s Coming in tenth grade. Rock turned to Dinner. He played an comedy. In 2005 he created intelligent doctor. a television series called In the 1980s, African- the sad experience into Everybody Hates Chris. It was based on his childhood. American comedian Bill 39 a n -A m e c o n d A fr ic e s e th s a R o le .

What is one of the chapter’s main points? What evidence is there in this chapter to support that point? Go to the website below to learn more about the history of African Americans in film. Find a quote from the website that supports the chapter’s main point. Does the quote support an existing piece of evidence in the chapter? Or does it add a new one? com/african-american-culture 41 DA T E S T N A T R O P IM 1619 fr ic a n T h e fi rs t A e in th e s la v e s a rr iv n ie s o f B ri ti s h c o lo t- d a y th e p re s e n te s .

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