By Pye Henry Chavasse

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He flesh of a bit baby and he used to be clean." This was once, in fact, a miracle; yet how frequently does water, with none exact intervention, act miraculously either in combating and in curing epidermis illnesses! An infant's outfits, napkins in particular, ought by no means to be washed with soda; the bathing of napkins with soda is apt to provide excoriations and breakings-out. "As washerwomen frequently deny that they use soda, it may be simply detected through easily soaking a fresh white serviette in clean water after which tasting the water; if it's brackish and salt, soda has been employed." [Footnote: Communicated by means of Sir Charles Locock to the Author.] 10. _Who is the right kind individual to scrub and get dressed the babe_? The per 30 days nurse, so long as she is in attendance; yet afterwards the mummy, except she should still ensue to have an skilled, good, considerate nurse, which, regrettably, is seldom the case. [Footnote: "The Princess of Wales could have been visible on Thursday taking an airing in a brougham in Hyde Park together with her child-

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It is really painful to see how some poor little babies are weighed down with a weight of clothes. They may be said to "bear the burden," and that a heavy one, from the very commencement of their lives! How absurd, too, the practice of making them wear long clothes. Clothes to cover a child's feet, and even a little beyond, may be desirable; but for clothes, when the infant is carried about, to reach to the ground, is foolish and cruel in the extreme. I have seen a delicate baby almost ready to faint under the infliction.

Sometimes the two milks—the mother's and the cow's milk—do not agree, when such is the case, let the milk be left out, both in this and in the foods following, and let the food be made with water, instead of with milk and water. In other respects, until the child is weaned, let it be made as above directed, when he is weaned, good fresh cow's milk MUST, as previously recommended, be used. (2) Or cut thin slices of bread into a basin, cover the bread with cold water, place it in an oven for two hours to bake, take it out, beat the bread up with a fork, and then slightly sweeten it.

As I previously recommended, while drying him and while rubbing him, let him repose and kick and stretch either on the warm flannel apron, or else on a small blanket placed on the lap. One bathing in the tub, and that in the morning, is sufficient, and better than night and morning. During the day, as I before observed, he may, after the action either of his bowels or of his bladder, require several spongings of lukewarm water, for cleanliness is a grand incentive to health and comeliness. Remember it is absolutely necessary to every child from his earliest babyhood to have a bath, to be immersed every morning of his life in the water.

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