By Steffen Rickes, P Malfertheiner

ISBN-10: 1846281695

ISBN-13: 9781846281693

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8/20) (e). Septa and papillary projection are enhanced on contrast-enhanced T1-weighted image (f). CT Scan and MRI in the Differentiation of Liver Tumors Dig Dis 2004;22:39–55 47 Fig. 6. Metastatic liver tumor (colon cancer) in a 53-year-old woman. On unenhanced CT (a), calcification is observed in the tumor (arrow) which is relatively characteristic to metastatic liver tumor from colon cancer. The arterial phase image (b) fails to depict the tumor because the liver parenchyma is enhanced to some extent and become isoattenuated compared with the tumor.

There is no known negative impact of tumor cell seeding due to EUS-FNA. However, for potentially resectable cancers immediate histological or cytological confirmation of malignancy is unnecessary. Helical CT is an advance over standard CT in its ability to detect and stage pancreatic cancer. The major advantage of helical CT over standard EUS technique is related to a more accurate detection of tumor involvement of the superior mesenteric artery. Even more than 20 years after the introduction of EUS into the clinical workup of patients with pancreatic mass lesions, EUS and additional methods are still not able to reliably distinguish between inflammatory and malignant masses in some cases.

On the portal venous and the equilibrium phase images, the tumor shows washout of contrast material and hypointensity compared with the surrounding hepatic parenchyma. Fibrous capsule is observed as a hyperintensity area surrounding the tumor during the portal venous and the equilibrium phase images (arrowheads). 3/90) (e) and hyperintensity on T2-weighted MRI (FSE, 8000/89) (f). 7/60) (g), the tumor is visualized as area with a higher signal than the surrounding liver parenchyma due to decreased uptake of SPIO in the tumor.

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