By F. John Gennari, Horacio J. Adrogue, John H. Galla, Nicolaos Maddias

With exact contributions and study from specialists within the body structure of standard acid-base homeostasis and the administration of acid-base issues, this reference offers an abundance of data on acid-base body structure, problems of acid-base equilibrium, and the administration and therapy of those problems in medical perform. a distinct and well timed resource, this consultant presents a number of tables, references, and figures to demonstrate the connection among the underlying body structure and prognosis of acid-base problems.

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Direct and indirect determination of partial pressure of CO2 in the arterial blood of patients with respiratory insufficiency. Clin Sci 1968; 35:347–352. 35. Van Slyke DD, Hastings AB, Hiller A, Sendroy J. Studies of gas and electrolyte equilibria in blood. XVII. The effect of oxygenation and reduction on the carbon dioxide absorption curve and the pK of whole blood. J Biol Chem 1933; 102:505–519. 36. Figge J, Rossing TH, Fencl V. The role of serum proteins in acid–base equilibria. J Lab Clin Med 1991; 117:453–467.

0 The corresponding value for Ka is 794 nmol=L. 8. For ease of computation in clinical practice, this number is rounded to 24 or, in some instances, to 25 (26,27). 077 Source: From Ref. 25. 0 Is the pK a OK? 0 As indicated above, pK a is not a constant but is affected by temperature and ionic strength, and to a minor degree by pH. This uncertainty is one of the arguments for evaluating the effects of strong ions on the relationship (28). 10 than can be accounted for by known effects on this variable (29,30).

23)], and (6) CO3 =HCO3 equilibrium À 0 2 À þ (K3 ¼ [H ]  [CO3 ]=[HCO3 ]). When solved simultaneously, they yield a fourth-order equation: 0 0 0 ½Hþ Š4 þ ð½SIDŠ þ KA Þ Â ½Hþ Š3 þ ðKA  ð½SIDŠ À ½CŠÞ À KHOH 0 0 0 0 À KA  PCO2 Þ Â ½Hþ Š2 À ðKA  ðKHOH þ KA  PCO2 Þ 0 0 0 0 0 À K3  KA  PCO2 Þ Â ½Hþ Š À KA  K3  KA  PCO2 ¼ 0 ð33Þ Rearranging this formula to solve for [Hþ], and using the values from normal plasma, this expression yields a value of 40 nEq=L. CONCLUSION The value of the Stewart analysis is that it impels one to consider all the factors that influence pH.

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Acid-Base Disorders and Their Treatment by F. John Gennari, Horacio J. Adrogue, John H. Galla, Nicolaos Maddias

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