By Joseph Dele Atoyebi

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7 for explanation of the orthography. All examples in this work are based on the Òko (Ogori) dialect. It has far more speakers than its other variant, Ósányèn, and it is also regarded as the prestige lect. Also, since the difference between both variants is purely phonological, the fear of losing any important syntactic information does not arise. A follow up dictionary to this grammar will be required to show all the lexical variations in both dialects. 1 Introduction This chapter examines the sound segments of Òko.

N/ /EOn/ @? EC@]? [EO]@? TC@]? ‘to come’ ‘leg/moon/month’ [TO]@? ‘to ask’ [oTO]@G ‘tail’ /7/, a voiced palato-alveolar affricate with one allophone, [m] /Jé/ [Jé] ‘to eat’ /éJí/ [éJí ] [íJe@]? 5 Trills In the production of trills, the tip of the tongue strikes against the upper alveolar ridge many times in the course of speech. 6 Lateral approximant In the production of lateral consonants the front of the tongue is raised to make contact with the alveolar ridge, and air still escapes from one or both sides of the tongue.

Ke@]? [ógbe@]? N/ [rC@]? ga] ‘story/news’ ‘elephant’ [ã], a nasalized allophone which occurs in the environment before a syllable-final N: /táN/ [ta@]? ‘to chew’ />KLàNLaN/ ‘red’ [àgbCKra@]K K a@]K [>KLa@L [aàra@]? pC@]? nC@]? EC@]? N/ [f>@]? gb>@]? L>@]? n>@]? 6 [érQ] [úgbíjà] ‘leopard’ ‘powder’ Nasals and nasalization in Ò# ko# I devote this section to the discussion of nasals and nasalization in Òko because of its importance in the study of the sound system of the language. This discussion will examine in detail the nature of nasalized vowels, the status of the N-coda and its implication in the determination of spelling rules and in the choice of a practical orthography for Òko.

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