By Lavina Dhingra Shankar, Rajini Srikanth

ISBN-10: 156639578X

ISBN-13: 9781566395786

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In a sense, the activists of the late 1960s were pioneers who began the process of reversing gross errors of terminology and belief by establishing the term "Asian American" and bequeathing to it a specific legacy. To seize the essentializing terminology of the majority culture as applied to one's minority group, and to transform it into a label of power involves at least two stages: first, replacing the pejorative or incorrect label with a self-chosen name (as happened when "Negro" and worse names were replaced by "black," and then by "African American"), and second, Page 4 assuming that self-articulated label as a badge of pride, describing the group's historical and cultural foundations and asserting its unique identity.

Imports from East/Southeast Asia are more than thirty times that from South Asia, with Japan and China as two of its largest worldwide trading partners. 10 South Asian migration to America has had a different sense of pathos or urgency or conflict associated with it. South Asians weren't recruited in large numbers as laborers, colonial subjects, or refugees of war; although they were subject to racism, they weren't permanently separated from their families by male-only immigration policies that welcomed their labor but not their descendants,* and they weren't put into internment camps.

Literary Texts and Diasporics 10 A World Apart: A Reading of South Asian American Literature Ruth Yu Hsiao 217 11 Min(d)ing the Gap: South Asian Americans and Diaspora Samir Dayal 235 Contributors 267 In the Series 269 Page vii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank our contributors for their cooperation, patience, and meticulous revisions; Sucheta Mazumdar for believing in the importance of this book; Roshni Rustomji-Kerns for her trust and continuous concern; Sau-ling Wong, Amy Ling, and Elizabeth Ammons for their encouragement and reviews; David Palumbo-Liu for his commitment to the project and his comprehensive critiques; our students, who continuously reminded us of the need for this volume; and Janet Francendese for her resilience in bringing it all together.

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