By John Colarusso

ISBN-10: 0919813968

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This can be the 1st accomplished grammar of a non-Indo-European language from the Northwest Caucasian family members in a language except Russian that covers all components of the grammar. Kabardian is advanced at each point. The language handled isn't the literary usual, yet Kabardian because it was once present in texts & within the mouths of Kabardians. This learn is an increase over grammatical sketches of similar languages in that it supplies a whole account of the phonology & morphology of the language, accounting for what have been formerly referred to as 'random variants'. The ebook supplies the reader the 1st account of the syntax of this language. it's going to supply the realm professional entry to the language. it's going to supply the linguist attracted to advanced languages entry to an awfully tough language, & it is going to provide the theoretical linguist entry to a language that indicates topological exotica at each point of its grammar, from phonetics to the lexicon.

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Q'ab/ —> [q's>b] 'pumpkin' n c. a/ —» [pse>? >] 'wetness' d. "/ merely rounds a vowel, as in (41). W] a. 7 -» b. 8 Vowels and Pharyngeals /h/. Witness (42). 'upper part, top side' '(to) moan' The contrast /3/~/a/ is not neutralised before (42) Maintenance of the vowel contrast before pharyngeal (Vv = pharyngealised vowel) a. /k^ah/ -> [kVh] 'long' h b. /q"3h/ —» [q Vh] 'ship, vessel' c. /da-ha-n/—» [dash,heTn] with-carry out-inf(initive) 'to carry something out with someone's help' d. n] opening-enter-inf (i) 'to enter (as into a door)'; (ii) 'to call upon someone' The pharyngealisation of the vowels alters their colours, but not so much that they are neutralised.

D. ' e. /a-ha-r 0-0-y-a-a-w-pXs-a-ho-wa/ ([yo'pXafiuwo]) 3-pl-abs-3-3-dir-dat-pres-prog-look-in-pl-pred(icative)/comp(lement) 'their always looking inside it' or 'that they always look inside it' or 'that they are looking inside it' In either (10) or (11) stress must always fall before a coda that is overtly filled; that is, final vowels cannot receive normal stress. " This stress has nothing to do with the effects in (10) or (11), but raUier seems to be used to teach children and others about underlying vowels in roots, as in (12).

Ma^-a-psa/ (/maXaps/) ice-ep(enthetic) v(owel)-water 'melt water' e. */mo^3/ (/moX/) 'ice' Thus, even though the normal stress for 'wild man' (12b) and 'melt water' (12d) is the same, the citation stress forms of (12a) and (12c) show that 'forest' ends in an underlying /a/ whereas 'ice' (12c, e) does not. The normally stressed syllable of 'melt water' (parenthetical form of (12d)) is thus built upon an epenthetic vowel. Citation stress will play a crucial role in dealing with the status of/a/ in the next section.

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