By Jeanette Sakel

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Moseten belongs to the small, unclassified language kinfolk Mosetenan and is spoken through approximately 800 humans within the foothills of the Bolivian Andes and the adjacent lowland quarter. This booklet presents a grammatical description of Moseten within the kind of a descriptive reference grammar. it truly is in response to the author's large fieldwork in Bolivia and is meant to be accomplished and aimed toward linguists from all backgrounds. Belonging to an unclassified language kinfolk, Moseten is of distinctive curiosity to typologists, historic linguists, touch linguists and South Americanists. The grammar is split right into a bankruptcy on phonology (2.) and 6 chapters at the morphology: morphological procedures (3.) the nominal approach (4.), pronouns and reference (5.), adjectives and adverbs (6.), quantification (7.) and the verbal approach (8.). those chapters are by means of voice (9.), negation (10.) and modality and discourse markers (11.). ultimately, there are syntactically orientated chapters on clause kinds (12.) and clause combos (13.). within the appendix, 3 kinds of texts, a listing of morphemes, a listing of references and extra bibliographical notes are further. moreover, there's an index. This grammar is the 1st obtainable and complete description of a Mosetenan language.

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34 This nasal vowel is a separate phoneme, as shown in the following minimal pairs: 7 (2:24) (2:25) [mi? ] [Gxfi? ] 'they, masculine' 'you, plural' 'child' 'little child' 'beach' 'little beach' The length difference is found in examples with this nasalized vowel as well (see /i/ above). Hence, the /;l is long in [tS~Gjete]'someone knows him7. The phoneme 101 has three allophones: [o], [D] and [U]. [U] is a high back vowel and appears only in very few environments. ] 'on the mountain' the vowel is realized as [U] by some consultants.

Often, children shift entirely to Spanish when having entered school. 3. ), Spanish has had considerable influence on Mosetkn. Speakers use a number of Spanish loanwords. Some of these loanwords have undergone sound changes, being pronounced according to the phonology of MosetCn. I usually write these words in the same way as they are pronounced, such as resya 'church' instead of the Spanish form iglesia, and ishkwera 'school' instead of escuela. In these words, the sounds /l/ and /g/ are adjusted to MosetCn pronunciation.

Most influence today is from Spanish. The highland language Aymara, which is spoken by many new residents in the area, does not seem to have had a profound influence on Moseten. At present, people of other language groups live in the same villages as the Mosetenes. Only few such "foreigners" live in Covendo, mainly speaking the languages Aymara, Trinitario and Yuracare. Furthermore, few people and families speak Tacana, Chimane and Chipaya. e. usually Aymara people) live. 2. Sociolinguistics The sociolinguistic situations of the speakers of Moseten and Chimane are very different.

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