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Kharia, spoken in central-eastern India, is a member of the southern department of the Munda family members, which kinds the western department of the Austro-Asiatic phylum, stretching from valuable India to Vietnam. the current learn presents the main vast description of Kharia thus far and covers all significant parts of the grammar. Of specific curiosity within the number of Kharia defined the following, is that there's no facts for assuming the lifestyles of parts-of-speech, corresponding to noun, adjective and verb. relatively features corresponding to reference, amendment and predication are expressed by means of one among syntactic constructions, observed the following as 'syntagmas'. the quantity could be of equivalent curiosity to normal linguists from the fields of typology, linguistic concept, areal linguistics, Munda linguistics in addition to South Asianists ordinarily.

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G. Kerketta, 1990, from which many examples in this work were taken), and most recently a novel, the first in Kharia (Kullii, 2007). 2 The present study The present study is the result of research conducted by the author during five research trips to the state of Jharkhand over the course of nine years, amounting to approximately eight months altogether. 10 It benefits from being able to draw upon earlier works on Kharia, most notably Biligiri (1965) and Malhotra (1982), as well as the extensive corpus of texts in Pinnow (1965a, b), which appeared too early for Biligiri's study, although Malhotra (1982) was able to make use of them.

Active and middle. 2 in the present study is an in-depth investigation of these two categories in Kharia which goes into considerably more detail than either of these two previous studies. In addition, this study benefits from recent developments in the field of basic voice and related topics which have appeared since Malhotra's study. INTRODUCTION 1HE KHARIA LANGUAGE 13 Scope-Finally, without wishing to belittle the important contribution made by the authors of these two previous studies, the present volume contains considerably more data on the grammar of Kharia, especially on morphology and syntax, than these two previous studies.

IRR' (see below), it is also considered to belong to 1he enclitic. g. JRR=pL] 'they will come' vs. PST] 's/he came' This does not hold for other contentive morphemes ending in 11/: ol'bring', ol=na 'to bring' (infinitive). 'l'] after a morpheme-final /j/, /goj=si'l/ :::::> ['g:Jyc'1:. 'l'] 's/he has died' However, this is not obligatory, and the pronunciation ['g:J1j,. s1. 'l'] is also acceptable. 2. , the changes here are due only to the phonotactic rules of the language and are not restricted to particular morphemes.

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