By Christina Marie Willis

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Abbi was away when I landed in India, but her colleague Dr. Ayesha Kidwai stepped in and offered me helpful advice about visiting Dharchula. 29 She also agreed to serve as my local advisor for any project I decided to undertake. When I finally made my way to Dharchula Town, I learned from Harish Singh Rautela why there is no record of Rangboli in the literature. It is true that the locals sometimes call their language Rangboli, but boli is the Hindi word for ‘dialect’. The autonym Ranglo is frequently used, but which language is referenced when this term is used depends on who is 28 The majority of sketches included in Grierson’s survey were based on translations of religious parables into the target language.

During elicitation sessions, however, speakers were much more likely to follow the Hindi pattern, especially if Hindi was used as the contact language. The effects of the contact language were evident in other aspects of the grammar. This topic will crop up throughout the dissertation. 29 person plural and the second person (singular and plural); first person singular is marked distinctly. The agreement marker for first person plural and second person is the same. Darma has evidence of an evidential system that is used to indicate reported speech and information inferred from the context.

The first line is the utterance as it was spoken, line two provides a gloss, and line three a broad English translation. Morpheme boundaries are not identified. Hindi borrowings are in bold. u, puni? 3, mother-in-law? Where did brother-in-law go, ma’am? [P] soba%. Sobla. To Sobla. u? 3? When did he go? [P] nima%. Yesterday. Yesterday. [G] nima%? u? Yesterday? 3? Yesterday? Did the women take off for the plains?

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