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13 Food availability surely affects some aspects of foraging behavior in predictable ways (Robinson and Holmes 1982, 1984). Indeed, birds can rapidly adjust their foraging behavior in response to prey availability (Paszkowski 1982, Pienkowski 1983). But which behaviors have been shown to be universally correlated with variation in food abundance under well-controlled experiments, such that we might use them to find a meaningful sampling method? To find such a behavior, we must look at systems in which food availability can be undeniably ranked independently from bird behavior.

Across all treatments, predators had relatively minor effects on the high-density site, confirming that predation of both the budworm and the tussock moth by ants, birds, or both was inversely related to insect density (Campbell et al. 1983, Torgersen et al. 1983). On the site with low natural budworm densities, mortality among pupae on both high and low branches protected from birds and ants was about 40%, as compared with 72% on controls. Birds appeared to be more effective predators than ants high in the trees, but were Torgersenet al.

MEASURING THE AVAILABILITY FOOD RESOURCES OF RICHARD L. HUTTO Abstract. In reviewing 155 recentpapersthat deal with the role of food supply, I found that most authors justify use of a particular sampling method by intuitive arguments and numerous assumptions. An intuitive approach may be inadequate, however, because (1) we do not perceive food availability in the same manner that birds do, (2) we ignore scale-of-measurement problems, and (3) we measure only standing crop. To avoid those potential problems, I suggest using quantitative measures of behavioral acts that are necessarily correlated with variation in food abundance as a “check” on the reliability of measurements of food availability.

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