By Timothy Buck

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A Concise German Grammar goals to equip undergraduates with a complete but compact account of German grammar. This e-book is apparent and obtainable and comprises many vigorous examples of recent German utilization. it's a vital and beneficial reference for college students of German, from senior secondary tuition throughout to the top of collage experiences and past.

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Die Boeing, die DC·8, die Messerschmitt (but der Airbus, der Jumbo). CARS The titles of WORKS O f AlIT, NEWSPAPUS, nc. g. hast du " Iwan den Schrecklichen" gesehen? have you seen 'Ivan the Terrible? g. t es ... it says in 'Dos Kapital' . . g. die .. g. der K6nIg/Pr~5ident von ... rM ~r 01 ... (but de< Prj~t der Verelnlgten Staa ten) . The article i~ optioNl in (Mr) Irak Iraq. (der) Iran In:m, (der) Jemen y~. NOUNS 41 Duverture zu Wagners " Fliegendem Hollander" the overture to Wagner's 'Flying Dutchman'.

ACe. alles alles GEN. OAT. allem aile aile aller allen Colloqu ially alles may also signify everyone. g. die Musik ist schon the music is beautiful, das Wasser ist he ir!. the water is hot. e. g. die schone Musik the beautiful music, heiBes Wasser hot water. g. sie hat das Lied sehr schon gesungen she song the song vet}' beautifully. The adjective is declined as follows: ei) WEAK DECLENSION. Following the definite article or other words declined like the definite article (dieser, jeder, jener, mancher, solcher, welcher): SINGULAR MASC.

Das Produkt prodU(t) the ending -es may occur as an alternative to ·s. Man in the sense of homo lOpiens. 36 NOUNS Chinese, der Franzose Frenchman, der Schwed e Swede. (Not, however, der Deutsche German, which is declined like an ad jective: see p. ) Der Herr gentleman, master has the ending ·n in the accusative, genitive, and dative singular (but ·en in the plural). A small group of nouns-sometimes known as 'mixed' nouns-are declined like weak masculines except in the genitive singular, which has the ending ·ns.

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