By Klaus K. Klostermaier

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With entries on every little thing from Manu to Gandhi and the Ramesvaram to the Himalayas, this is often a useful reference ebook.

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Offers over 1,000 obtainable, informative and authoritative entries that solution any significant query approximately Hinduism, it's mythology, practices, customs and legislation India is so titanic that every of its areas is a land in its personal correct, with varied languages, customs, and cultural traditions. but shared social platforms, firmly grounded in non secular ideals, give you the cohesive strength that unites over one thousand million humans of other backgrounds.

The Path to the Guru: The Science of Self-Realization - download pdf or read online

A verse-by-verse exam of the advisor to self-transformation awarded within the Bhagavad Gita

• unearths the clinical method of own improvement and non secular enlightenment specified by Krishna’s recommendation to Arjuna
• exhibits how the Gita prepares you to paintings with a guru, advocating authenticity and skepticism instead of blind devotion and obedience
• Explores Krishna’s suggestion on which societal boundaries to reject to beat your fears and reconnect with the suppressed elements of your internal being

Drawing on his greater than forty years of in-depth research of Indian Philosophy below the tutelage of his guru, Nitya Chaitanya Yati, writer Scott Teitsworth explores the medical method of self-transformation and religious enlightenment encoded in Krishna’s recommendation to Arjuna within the Bhagavad Gita. delivering a verse-by-verse exam of the 1st chapters, he unearths the Gita’s classes to organize the seeker to satisfy and effectively paintings with a guru--whether an out of doors instructor or the intuitive wisdom that arises from overcoming the psyche’s realized obstacles.

The writer exhibits that the Gita doesn't suggest blind devotion to a guru or god yet really own improvement, victory over your fears, and liberation of the psyche. He demonstrates how Krishna’s suggestion offers instruments to lead us out of our fear-based studies to reconnect with the suppressed components of our internal being. He explains how Arjuna’s doubts and confusions characterize the plight of each person--we are born unfastened yet progressively develop into slowed down via the calls for of our society, consistently depending on outdoor authority for solutions and disconnected from our real internal nature. He unearths how Krishna’s suggestion bargains advice for facing life’s conflicts, which societal boundaries to reject, and the way to work out in the course of the polarizing thought of excellent as opposed to evil to shape a balanced mind set more advantageous to either.

Restoring the fearless imaginative and prescient of the traditional rishis, who, like today’s scientists, prized skepticism as a massive strategy for having access to fact, Teitsworth unearths the Gita as a consultant to an actual guru-disciple dating in addition to to developing a lifetime of importance, freedom, and actual sovereign maturity.

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The Goddess Lives in Upstate ny is a profile of a flourishing Hindu temple within the city of Rush, long island. The temple, verified by way of a charismatic nonbrahman Sri Lankan Tamil referred to as Aiya, sticks out for its mixture of orthodox ritual meticulousness and socioreligious iconoclasm. The energy with which devotees perform ritual themselves and their prepared entry to the deities contrasts sharply with ritual actions at such a lot North American Hindu temples, the place (following the standard Indian customized) ritual is played in simple terms through monks and entry to the hugely sanctified divine photos is heavily guarded.

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He is considered a model of loyalty and selfless service. Bhï•ma Parvan The sixth part of the MAHÄBHÄRATA, which also contains the BHAGAVAD-GÏTÄ. bhojana (‘eating’, ‘meal’) Surrounded with rituals and also part of the daily temple ritual: the feeding of the image of god is a main ingredient of mürti-püjä. Bhøgu See BHÄRGAVAS. bhü, also bhümi (‘the earth’) name of one of Vi•æu’s consorts. bhukti (‘[sensual] enjoyment’) Normally seen as the opposite to mukti, (spiritual) LIBERATION. However, Ÿäktism promises both bhukti and mukti and denies an opposition between them.

Also Goõä (725–55 God’s saving grace. anumäna (‘inference’) anøta (‘violation of the law’) The opposite of anugraha (‘favour’) One of the PRAMÄŒAS (valid means to find truth) accepted by most Hindu schools of thought. CE) The only female among the Ä®VÄRS. Her original name was Kotai and she grew up in the shadow of the temple of Ÿrïvilliputtur, now boasting the tallest GOPURA in India, built in her honour. Without the knowledge of her father (a temple priest) she draped the garland intended for worship of the IMAGE around her, posing as God’s bride.

A brahmin’s life was to end in SAMNYÄSA, total renunciation. Those who had renounced enjoyed high social status. Apart from reducing one’s wants to a minimum and practising sexual continence (BRAHMACARYA), samnyäsis developed a great variety of forms of tapas, ranging from different forms of abstention from food and drink and other sense gratifications, to lying on a bed of nails, standing for prolonged periods in water, looking into the sun, lifting an arm up till it withered. One of the more widespread forms of self- mortification was the ‘Five-fires-practice’ (pañcägni tapas): the ascetic sat in the centre of a square which was formed by four blazing fires, with the sun overhead as the fifth fire.

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